DANA BRUXVOORT is finishing up a 5 month stint volunteering in Pattaya, Thailand, a city known internationally for sex trafficking and tourism. She writes about her inspiring, quirky, and sometimes awkward adventures over at Beautiful Feet.

Region of expertise: Thailand/Southeast Asia.  Western Europe. The American Midwest (for real).

Niche: Volunteering.  Also Thai…kind of.

Credentials: YWAM | Project LIFE | Pattaya Slum Ministries.

The #1 reason why I travel: Because sometimes the cornfields of Iowa get a little repetitive. And also because I am absolutely fascinated by different cultures and people groups, and think I owe it to this huge world to learn more about it.

Favorite city in the world (so far): Salzburg, because nothing can beat a city that devoted to Mozart.

Most incredible meal ever: Massaman curry in Koh Chang, Thailand. Curry paste ground by hand = magical.

Worst airport faux pas committed: Forgetting to recheck my bags through American customs my first time coming home from traveling abroad. Nothing like lost luggage being your own fault.

One thing I’d never leave home without: Lots of gluten-free snacks.

One song on my travel playlist: “You in the End” by Matt Hires. Because it always reminds me that “…all I am is just a traveler with dirt on my hands…all I have is dust in my pockets and you in the end.”

Where you can find more of me: www.danabrux.com