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YSP [you should probably] start a tumblr

YSP [you should probably] start a tumblr

Travel diaries are short-lived pipe dreams at best, nonexistent at worst!  And travel blogs? For the few who have maintained them, I salute you.  Cyberspace is clouded with half-hearted attempts at documenting journeys, but we at RSJ have a solution.  Have you ever considered a Tumblr?
YSP [You Should Probably]...text with twitter

YSP [You Should Probably]…text with twitter

This is the first post of our YSP [You Should Probably...] series.  Future topics will cover all of the things that will make your life easier (and more exciting) while abroad — from the common sensical to the totally unconventional.  Today we’ll be talking about using Twitter in place of overpriced  international texting. What is it about...