Meditainment's interactive audio/visual experience for conferences. You can have this from the comfort of your own plane seat, too!

Would you rather lose yourself on a private island, relax in a five-star spa, or swing in a hammock in your secret garden? There’s no need to choose.  If you’re flying Virgin Atlantic, Quantas, US Airways, or China Air, you may already know about RSJ’s favorite form of in-flight entertainment.  Meditation–particularly the sumptuous, enriching tracks produced by Wellmind Media’s Meditainment–is the ultimate exercise for peace-of-mind.  Whether you are trying to sleep, relax, or get in tune with yourself, skeptics: this is worth a try.

When you think of meditation, what comes to mind? Cross-legged monks chanting ommmmm? Sitting silently while your thoughts drive you so crazy, that you’d rather not meditate than make the effort? Have no fear – Meditainment has you covered (and it’s ultra-chic, too).

Wellmind Media’s library of over sixty guided meditations can lead you into another world.  Screaming children leaving you stressed on a long-haul flight? Step into your private sanctuary, a secret garden designed according to your desires.  Extra holiday pounds got you down? Celebrate your gorgeousness and boost your self-esteem with a quick jaunt on a private beach.  These tracks, covering topics from falling asleep to overcoming fear of flying, are your go-to gurus in times of stress.  Load them onto your iPod, tablet, or laptop, and tune into your inner peace wherever you are.  And if you are flying any of the airlines we mentioned above — no need to worry.  Meditainment is included as one of your in-flight entertainment channels!

Our favorite part of Meditainment is the variety of exotic locales to which you can escape.  With soothing voices and romantic detail, Meditainment transports you anywhere from an igloo in a blizzard to the whirlpools of a luxurious spa.  Meditations do NOT have to be boring or intimidating.  Instead, they can be visual vacations that leave you feeling your best.

Next time you’re deciding what to pack, make sure to load up a playlist of Meditainment’s soothing tracks.  We look forward to seeing you on that private beach….we’ll be waiting there, too!

They (and we) are so sure that you’re going to love this, that they provide a copy of their Secret Garden meditation for FREE:

Check it out and let us know how meditation has been working for you while you travel!

Gillian says: “I’m so addicted to Meditainment that I have unlimited access to their library.  I use one almost every day — whether I’m trying to sleep, need a breather, or want a confidence boost.  If there is one thing I would never travel without, it’s my Meditainment library on my iPad.  It’s so much fun to look at your playlist and decide where you want to go…a spa, a beach, a jungle.  I’ve already exhausted my free meditation links begging friends to try them!”