Paris, France. The impossibly decadent Hotel Côstes.

What do a DJ, a French hotel & your iTunes library have in common? Well, nothing…unless you’ve internationalized your music collection with the genius of Stéphane Pompougnac. Your passport may have some serious mileage, but nothing gets you in the jetsetting state of mind quite like a killer playlist.  We’ve profiled one of today’s hottest producers collecting the best beats from around the world, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Phew!

If your music library doesn’t match your travel prowess, then it’s time to bring that iPod into the era of globalization.  With music capitals cropping up in every corner of the globe, it’s easy to become intimidated by the number of choices on iTunes & Spotify.  Consider your music collection an airport for your ears, and the flights are free….how deliciously daunting!

We’ve picked out a powerhouse DJ whose volumes hop from one continent to another, melding to create familiar sound as if they’ve always belonged together.  Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a chance to headbang at his unexpected headquarters someday, adding a fabulous backstory to your next favorite track.

I suppose you'd be a great DJ too if you had this home for inspiration.

A mecca of opulence known for its cameos on series such as Absolutely Fabulous, Hôtel Costes is a world-class hotel with an even sexier claim to fame: its resident DJ.  Stéphane Pompougnac uses this landmark on Rue Saint-Honoré as the muse for his smooth and swanky music collection, named after its glamorous lieu de naissance.  A maze of dimly lit corridors and hyper sensual textiles, Hôtel Costes has inspired a series of silky ambiance lounge tracks, collected & mixed by Pompougnac annually.  Download a few of his albums and find yourself grooving to the kind of tunes whose mere beats suggest private jets & a yacht trip in Ibiza. Fake it ’til you make it, right? Open up your music library to Pompougnac, and prepare for plenty of hours of glamazon daydreaming.

Described as “impossibly classy, impossibly cool” by one editor, the Hôtel Costes tracks sound so expensive that it’s hard to believe their godfather began as a waiter in the very hotspot for which they’re named. Pompougnac returned to the Hôtel Costes after an interlude as a successful house DJ, immediately launching to stardom when the ambiance he set took favor with the hotel’s regular models-and-bottles crew.

The Hôtel Costes collection also boasts a stunning array of volume covergirls.

Though the collections are seamlessly assembled, the diverse set of influences make each track a surprise, and maintain mega hype around the annual release.  From modern powerhouses such as Pink Martini to silverscreen classics like Shirley Bassey, no one escapes the artful hands of Pompougnac.  Whether you’re looking for Arabian Nights or London posh, the international reaches of these collections will quench your musical wanderlust once and for all.  Your general wanderlust, though? Not a chance.

There is a maturity to the sets that may turn off some listeners, but well-timed whimsy and bass-pumping beats maintain a more universal appeal than many lounge collections.  If these tracks don’t inspire you to pummel down the next catwalk you encounter, or buy-out one of Chanel’s flagships, then consider your career as an international jetsetter on probation.

Some of our favorites include Crave You (Flight Facilities feat. Giselle), Latin Cha Cha (Stéphane Pompougnac) and Chocolate Distance (Karuan). [You can listen to these three right here!]  With fifteen volumes already available, you’ll have plenty of fodder for your next in-flight playlist. Or your next promenade down the Versace runway.