Listen up, Generation Y.  The world in which you were born happens to be spectacular — vibrant, pulsating, bursting with color, and populated with creative geniuses.  There are beats to be danced, dishes to be consumed, and exotic romances to be fulfilled.  What are you waiting for?

Ready Set Jet is here to assuage your fears, kick you into action, and make you laugh.  Our pearls of travel wisdom come from direct experience and our destination guides come straight from our hearts and photo albums.  This website is not just about vacations – it is about studying, working, and living abroad.

Like all the great voyagers before you — Odysseus, Marco Polo, Gertrude Bell — step into your birthright of wild adventure.  We will be here to guide you, and celebrate the secrets you unlock both out there… and inside of yourself.

Love, peace, and don’t forget your boarding pass,