When RSJ founder Gillian Kemmerer entered the competition to Go With Oh, we gave you a little lesson in Catalan.  Now, we’re offering you the chance to show your support in any language you want! Check out RSJ’s World of Support campaign to be Oh’s next European blogger!

A brand as young & exciting as OpenHouse Group deserves to be repped by a blogger who shares their youth, vivacity, and wanderlust.  We think Gillian Kemmerer has what it takes, and we have a world of supporters who think so too! Check out our Vimeo channel here to listen to their side of the story — in languages from across the globe. If you want to join this ultra-hot, ultra-international party, contact us to submit your video love!

Check out our WORLD OF SUPPORT channel on Vimeo now!

…and if you don’t know why RSJ wants to Go with Oh, you had better get your reading done here. :)